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Association provides successful protection of rights and legal interests of legal entities and natural persons in the courts of general jurisdiction, economic courts and administrative courts in criminal cases, civil, business and administrative disputes. The specialists of Association have solid experience of representation clientsí interests in corporate and tax disputes, in disputes concerning debtor indebtedness collection, dissolution of tenancy contracts and rescission of contracts, recognition of a contract as unconcluded, canceling of orders on institution of criminal proceedings, in disputes on honour, dignity and business reputation protection, protection of intellectual property rights, recognition of real estate property right, canceling of legally enforceable enactments, bankruptcy etc.

Corporate law
Association renders legal services in issues of building optimal legal structure in order to provide the best opportunities for enterprising. Depending on the needs of our clients there may be created and registered such business legal structures as: Private enterprise, Limited liability society, Additional liability society, Full partnership, Partnership in commendam, Joint Stock Company. It is also possible to build a group of companies able to provide the distribution of risks arising from business activity. Besides, Association provides legal services on registration of Public associations and organizations, associations of companies, branch offices (filial agencies) of companies and other legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. Association also has large experience in complex legal support of corporate rights acquisition agreements, receiving permits of Anti-monopoly committee of Ukraine for concentration, transformation processes, reorganization, amalgamation, merger of companies and/or pursuit and state registration of charter fund increase, including additional issue of shares of joint-stock companies.

Taxation law
Association provides legal services in questions of taxation law rules application and of the accuracy of business operationsí reflection in fiscal and business accounting of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. Legal services are rendered through oral consultations of accountants and managers of enterprises, formalization of economic contracts according to the rules of taxation law, drafting of opinion letters on issues of value added taxation, profits taxation, excise duty, local taxes, import and export of goods, superannuation contribution and payments into other obligatory state funds. Association also works out the mechanisms of taxation optimization, provides complex legal support during the inspections conducted by the taxation authorities, rendering of notices of opposition for the inspection acts, contestation in the procedure of appeal coordination of decisions-notifications about the additional charge of taxes and duties taken by the taxation authorities and court appeal of them.

Law of obligations
Association provides legal services in drafting of typical contracts of tenancy, delivery, commission agency, mandate, safe storage, financial loan, estate administration, joint venture agreements, foreign economic agreements etc., which would to the maximum correspond to the specificity of the business activity of our clients. Association also conducts the examination, formalization to the rules of Ukrainian legislation in force and maintenance of the most complete protection of rights and legal interests in the drafts of contracts, offered to the clients of Association by their partners.

Criminal law
Association renders legal services in all stages if criminal proceeding conducting the defense of its clients in procuratorate, agencies of inquiry, investigation, in all courts, including but not limited to local courts, courts of appeal, Supreme court of Ukraine through preparing and applying appropriate applications, claims, requests, statements and other documents; participation in the course of measures of investigation, analysis of the criminal case materials which serve as a foundation for the detention of a suspect, choosing of preventing measures, filing accusation and analysis of all criminal case materials when the investigation is completed; participation in court proceedings etc.



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